About us

Products which have been developed from the technology of the twenty-first century.

ETS Europe is an innovative and dynamic company, which has been developed from the technology of the twenty-first century, and has created a number of high quality products and systems. With our innovative products, we respond to the increasing demand of our customers for effective and sustainable products.
We can fall back on years of experience in the industry of chemicals and construction, and provide solutions for waterproofing of buildings and structures in both products of renovation and new construction.

Because of the demand of our customers, ETS Europe has developed a number of high quality products and systems. These products range from mortars for concrete repair and protection of concrete, to specialized, protective and waterproof coatings. The products and systems are created for specific applications in the sector of construction, industry, food and the pharmaceutical sector.


  • For roofs, balconies and facades of apartment buildings, social housing and industrial buildings, as well as structures such as bridges and tunnels, ETS Europe has specialized protective and waterproofing systems provided.


  • For walls and ceilings of laboratories, hospitals, breweries and kitchens, the offer consists of a series of hygienic coatings..


  • Against heat and corrosion problems, we have developed a unique ceramic-based, single component, water-based, non-flammable and non-toxic coating.


  • For parking garages, tunnels, stables in the livestock and industrial buildings, there has been developed a nanotechnology-based coating which breaks down the CO2 in the air to 80%.


The systems are also continuously optimized by a dedicated Research and Development and new products are introduced in order to meet new market conditions.

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